Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sharing Sorbet

My sigh? Having a fully stocked kitchen again plus living with the most generous family (love!)
So in hopes of taking advantage of the ice-cream maker this holiday weekend I am posting a recipe for Lemon Thyme Sorbet.

Whatcha need?
  • 6 medium lemons
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1.5 granulated sugar (note: substitutions will not work as well)
  • .75 cup fresh lemon thyme sprigs
Use vegetable peeler to peel off strips of the lemon peel (yellow portion only). In small saucepan, bring water to a boil, remove from heat and whisk in sugar until all of it is dissolved. Add lemon thyme and strips of lemon peel. Cover and steep for one hour.
Strain through fine-mesh strainer to remove lemon thyme and lemon peel. Cut lemons in half and use citrus juicer to extract juice (about 1 cup). Whisk in lemon juice. Chill in fridge for three hours or until cold then freeze in ice-cream maker according to manufacturer's directions.

I'll letcha know how it goes, I think it would be fun to try with lime and
lemon. Yum!

Just to be cute...
X, Becca
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Say What?

I may lose followers by admitting but hey, give me a break (plus I don't exactly have even a bandwagon of fans) : I am a Twilight fan. I've read all the books in an almost obsessive speed two years ago and now am reliving my obsessions through the film releases.

On Wednesday my gal friends, MK, CJ and I went to an afternoon matinee of Eclipse and were charged fifteen dollars. This may seem like chump change to you, but five buckaroos a pop?! That's definitely worth a sigh. I loved Australia but man did it try to break my student piggy bank. From fourteen dollars to five dollars, even with the exchange rate my bank account is glad I am back stateside again.

Today's sigh is from my piggy
X, Becca
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Reckon I'mma Country Gal

Australia seems surreal, like a dream that reminds me of scenes throughout the day.  Perhaps its because I am enjoying the comforts of home a little too much including country music!!  I am not ashamed to admit my love for WITL radio station in Lansing and 99.5 in Chicago. Something about the deep voice of Trace Adkins and the way I find myself belting out with the radio makes me want to find the perfect pair of cowboy boots and march myself down to the country bar in town.

The best part about WA not having a country radio station means my return in summertime which would usually full of overplayed favorites is instead full of introductions to songs I haven't yet enjoyed.

My delightful gal friend, CJ, introduced me to  Wildflower a new radio hit. I'm loving the new Sugarland hits too!

Another welcomed sigh over country music.
X, Beccs

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The *Sigh* Series

As of today I am starting the *Sigh* series. The sigh? The sigh that you realize lets a little more relaxation in by being reintroduced to something oh-so-fabulous about America that makes me glad I'm back!

Today, I am sighing because of I love Pandora. The idea that I can get a variety of music but still insure that I control the general genre while going through my things for packing makes moving even more exciting!

When life gets you down, know you have Pandora for your musical needs!

My station today : Jason Myles Goss.
What stations have you created?

Take a sigh with me.....
X, Becca
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Monday, June 28, 2010

A new smell in the neighborhood

Remember in Monster's Inc. when Scully had three choices of atrocious smelling deodorant for Mike to choose from such as Wet Dog? Apparently the movie line was such a hit, now you can have off-putting deodorants too for a low low price!

I'm not talking about the sickly sweet cotton-candy spray us girls passed around in the Jr. High Gym Lockers.

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But rather a scary thought: products such as the Burger King Body Spray called The Flame that can make you too smell like fast food burgers for $3.99

What about a Play-Dough spray?

Or as a Yahoo article highlights you can also choose from : beetroot, mildew or earthworm kudos to

Now that I am back stateside, I am curious... Should I continue with the blog or has this blog, like the new spray market, seem unnecessary?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making Poverty History

I've said it before and I'll say it again : 26,000 children die every single day because of starvation, lack of medical attention or shelter from elements. 26,000 children die every single day due to poverty.

Make Poverty History is a campaign that is notable here in Australia as well as other countries around the world.
The campaign is comprised of volunteers who work to raise awareness of global poverty and achieve change both political and social to help.

In Australia the campaign works along with other NGOs such as World Vision, Oxfam, Caritas, The Oaktree Foundation and Engineers without Borders.

Cross your fingers both for the war against poverty as well as for my roommate Naomi who has applied to be a volunteer. As a volunteer Naomi will be expected to volunteer once a week for six months, be trained in other areas of the organization and then have the opportunity to live abroad, similarly to the Peace Corp, to lend a helping hand.

Anywho, I just wanted to give a shout out to such a lovely organization and if you'd like more information please visit:

Cheers, from an inspired gal
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A Valley Girl

Welcome to Swan Valley

A simply gorgeous tourist town with what seems like never ending vineyards, art galleries, coffee shops, beautiful views and lets not forget the Margaret River Chocolate Company!

Last Saturday was a sun filled day rare amongst the rainy cold days we've had lately in WA. The warmth was much appreciated and so was the Swan Valley experience!

And all within the low low cost of free (although I admit I was tempted to bring back a bottle or two of Port) due to the tastings wine, cheese, honey and chocolate. I went into Swan Valley with the sniffles and a car full of good company and came out with a new love for cinnamon honey and Port! Came to find out that the port I had been tasting was born from Shiraz grapes so it wasn't really a surprise how quickly I feel in love (Shiraz is my favorite wine and also happens to be commonly from South Africa or Australia).

Yum.... why hadn't I experienced them before? According to the beekeepers cinnamon honey can help with various ailments (heart diseases, toothache, cholesterol, indigestion, and even hair loss) and I can't see how Port would hurt? You see, for "in vino veritas" ( in wine (there is) truth)!

Cheers from a valley girl
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